Meet Lyn Tackett


Lyn received her B.A. in Anthropology with a minor in Biology as a McNair Scholar from the University of Northern Iowa.  Her research interests include ethnobotany,  paleoethnobotany and indigenous healing practices.  She has presented her research on Tracing Ancient Healing Practices Through The Hibiscus in Buffalo, NY, College Park, MD, and Madison, WI. Lyn received 1st place for the Mary Ann Bolton Undergraduate Research Award for her research project.


Lyn received her education in aesthetics from LaJames International College in Cedar Falls, IA and is licensed in Iowa. She is certified in reflexology and full-body sugaring. She opened the Genesis Studio Spa in downtown Waterloo, IA in 2013 and moved to her current location in 2019.  Lyn and her husband, Joel, live in Waterloo, IA.  They have two grown daughters and 8 grandchildren.


About GSS

Friendly, Knowledeable Service

Genesis Studio Spa

Lyn is a licensed, experienced aesthetician.  She uses her knowledge of science and plants to provide you with factual information on skin care and natural botanical products.

Relaxing Environment

Spa Fireplace

Unwind in a natural environment of glowing candles, soothing sounds of nature and natural instruments, subtly diffused oils, all prepared especially for you.  

Quality Botanical Products

spa botanicals

Learn which botanicals work best for your skin. Avoid the chemicals from over-the-counter, pre-packaged products.  All products used are plant-based and selected for certified organic and fair traded when possible for superior results!

Getting Started with Sugaring

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