Reviews on Sugaring, etc.

Spa salt with lavender

“Lyn provides a friendly, relaxing environment. She is knowledgeable and well-trained. My time with Lyn was absolutely awesome and I would recommend GSS to all of my friends.”

--Kristin Shindelar, Eldora, IA

GSS Brazilian Sugaring

“I like Genesis Spa because Lyn is very knowledgeable about skin care. It has a welcoming atmosphere. It’s easy to make an appointment and you receive email reminders for appointments. Lyn informed me about the sugaring method of hair removal it’s a lot less painful then waxing and works better on my skin. I would highly recommend Genesis Studio Spa. Thank you.”

--Denise, Waterloo, IA 

Ear Candling

“I had an ear wax removal done by Lyn. She is amazing! The atmosphere was so relaxing and the candles took out all of the wax and beyond. I recommend it to anyone with ear wax problems.”

--Taryn Colby – Waterloo, IA

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Safer, Less Pain With Sugaring

Sugaring Is Great for Men and Women!

Sugaring Is Great for Men and Women!

 “I’m so glad I gave sugaring a try! SO much less pain than having my eyebrows waxed. I won’t wax again!!”

Lisa Wagner, Waterloo, IA 


“It is a wonderful change from the pain of waxing. Lyn is so personable and is very caring. “

Susanne Pieper, Waterloo, IA 

Sugaring Is Great for Men and Women!

Sugaring Is Great for Men and Women!

Sugaring Is Great for Men and Women!

 “I have been going to Lyn for this [sugaring] and it is awesome. Painless and lasts for several weeks.”

Bill Van Wey, Elk Run Heights, IA

"Lyn always helps me to relax and enjoy my facials and reflexology. She is very professional & aware of natural products & gets the 'Big' picture."

-Mary McMahon, Raymond, IA

Sugaring Is Great for Men and Women!


"Love the atmosphere, super relaxing. Had my legs, arms, underarms and face sugared in half the time it usually takes to get waxed. Definitely goingback! :)”

Nikki Berns, Independence, IA


“I like the sugaring a nice spa so peaceful !!!!”

Laury Dean, Waterloo, IA 

"Amazingly knowledgeable! 

Best experience ever!"

-Anita Smith, Arlington, IA

 “Lyn is an amazing and knowledgeable professional! I had a wonderful experience especially with my Mediterranean underarm hair. I can't believe the results so far and look forward to seeing her and the next session! “

Alyssa Ann, Des Moines, IA

"Genesis Studio Spa is a unique, beautiful experience. Lyn has a sense of what your skin requires and a depth of knowledge in using botanicals to fulfill this. Amazing!

- Claudia McMurdock, Waterloo, IA

 “Wonderful Spa, relaxing time & wonderful lady!! If you’ve never had a facial treat yourself today!!”

Stacey Fager, Dunkerton, IA 

"Lyn is very knowledgeable, professional, and kind.  I had a positive experience and will be returning!"

Kassy Grosser